25 July 2016

The Web Farm

Our Company’s partnership with one of the most important companies in Europe in the animal feed sector and the production of meat and sausage continues.

After completing a project based on Soap (Simple Object Access Protocol) to manage the delivery of farming data to the Italian Ministry of Health, the authority which supervises the production chain, we were invited to work on a second endeavor, called WebFarm, which hinges on the management of data on pig and poultry farming. Through an AS400 computer (Application System/400), the information on farms is sent to the customer’s own database. These are data that concern the number of livestock heads and quantity to sent to the slaughter process, as well as herd mortality rate and amount of feed ordered.

All this information was made available on a web platform which farmers can access quickly and easily to communicate data and create statistics needed to assess the evolution of production and other basic parameters for the distribution chain.

The project will be developed in eight progressive steps, the first of which will cover the fattening stage in poultry flocks.

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