04 July 2017

A digital billboard for sports

CWS, with the experience it has acquired as sponsor of a basketball team, has designed a new device that could revolutionize the scoreboards that are found in every sports arena.

The solution derives from a further evolution of our Livion platform, created in the beginning for basketball, but which could easily be applied to other sports as well.

The advantages of Livion will be the possibility to remotely supply an upgrade; these advantages would update the regular variations introduced by the Federations rather than having to add functions that are useful both while a game is being played as well as during breaks.  

Referees, for example, will be able to test synchronization between game time and action time by simply pressing a button instead of doing so manually as happens today on all playing fields, even in international games.

The spectators will be able to participate in various attractions broadcast on the monitors which would be coordinated by a single platform, that is Livion.

In its more futuristic version, the application will also make it possible to insert intriguing games for spectators – an example might be the kiss cam used in the United States – or to diffuse information, statistics about the teams or single players, the results on other playing fields, the rankings.

This solution received the approval of the Italian Federation of Basketball and is being tested by the officials on playing fields, who have recognized the value of its functions.

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