29 May 2017

A portal…. on a woman’s scale

CWS Digital Solutions will design the new member subscription portal requested by Fondazione a Misura di Donna, a non-profit organization that creates networks and synergies to make hospitals more and more user-friendly. In particular, the Foundation requires a site that can be reached via the already existing official website through a simple link, and that is responsive, i.e. that can automatically adjust for both desktop and mobile device viewers.

The function of the site will be to enable the users to join the Foundation; therefore, it will contain a registration form, a personal page for the registered users visible only to them, and a dedicated database. Moreover, it shall be designed to make the management of payments made via PayPal possible; it shall offer a mailing list service to notify the registration expiry, and a program that automatically disables those users who have not renewed on time; lastly, it shall allow the membership card and the payment invoice to be printed in PDF format.

The server will be located at the CWS server farm, which will also take care of the ordinary site maintenance, and will not have a hot backup.

CWS could not miss the chance to give a contribution in support of this project, signing another service portal and offering all the skills it has accrued in thirty years of experience in this sector.

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