Systems & Networking

In a world connected to and dependent on networking, CWS is ready to support its customers who invest in the OnPremise solutions and into their infrastructure, looking for a competitive advantage. The strength of hybrid Cloud/Premise infrastructure is the challenge of the near future which sees CWS in the field with strong focus on issues of performance, architectural stability, security and digital connection.

Network architectures

We create for our customers and manage complex network infrastructures, and take care of their data centers with strong attention to the correct location of services.


We formed alliances with major hardware manufacturers in order to better support our customers throughout the value chain of our solutions and related assistance.

Maintenance and service

The core systems of companies and our installations have to function at maximum efficiency. This is why we always assume costs relating to maintenance and fine-tuning of our infrastructure and projects. We provide 24/7 services for our clients in all relevant fields, like Software, IT and Multimedia.


Wireless communication networks are now one of the epicenters of the digital revolution. Increasingly more connected, users use services and require increasingly punctual ones. CWS offers advanced solutions in addition to simple signal management like tracking, geofancing, bluetooth and ultrasound communication and digital delivery.