LIVION People Counter

The LIVION People Counter system provides the counting of the flow, position and contemporaneity of people by tracking the unique hardware address (mac address) of the Wi-Fi system inside every mobile device, such as smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

Detection is carried out by small trackers that listen to the Wi-Fi traffic present and analyse and report back the signal power of the various detected sources to the central processing system.

The only requirement you need to be tracked is having a device that can be connected to Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi switch is “ON”. Therefore, we can track all devices connected to the Wi-Fi, whether they are connected to any network or not. Tracking is also carried out for all devices in standby, meaning there is no need to actively use the device to be counted.

The Llivion People Counter system is characterised by its capacity to ignore other devices emitting Wi-Fi signals, which are installed in a fixed mode in rooms, but which obviously do not have to contribute to people counting (e.g. printers, PCs, cars with infotainment on, etc.).

The LIVION People Counter system assimilates the power of the WI-FI signals detected by trackers through machine learning technology and makes it correlate to specific points on the digital map.

Once the areas in which counting can be carried out are selected and the learning detections for the system in selected points are done, you just must place then on the digital map and set its scale to be able to calculate:

  • the real-time distribution of people in the digital map, in terms of: flow direction/flow size/areas of concentration;

  • unique devices detected during the day (i.e., new people entering the rooms under analysis for the first time);

  • not-unique devices detected during the day (i.e., people returning – dual statistics of the previous one);

  • maximum/average number of people detected during the day

Other aspects are guaranteed by LIVION People Counter
  • Easy Low Cost Installation
  • POE
  • WiFi Scan
  • Audience Driven Content Pushing
  • Heat Map
  • Path Analisys
  • Real Time Stats