25 July 2016

CWS ... in a thesis


Partnership with the Politecnico (Polytechnic University) of Turin

For a young university student completing an internship or a school-work program in a large company, it can be very profitable in view of final entry into the professional world. CWS has always given special attention to the world of training, as well as to a propensity to facilitate the experiences of young graduates or undergraduates within the Company.

And it is precisely from this vision that our partnership with the Polytechnic University of Turin was born. The center is considered one of the most prestigious universities not only in Italy but in the world; our intent was to allow students to complete curricular internship in companies.

It is in this context that the presence of a new CWS professional must be understood. Our new intern, a Master's graduate in Engineering Management, is completing work on site to prepare her dissertation.

The dissertation will focus on the technical and commercial positioning of a Business Intelligence project that compares the QlikView application with alternative platforms such as Tableau and Pentaho.

The work will be structured in two phases: in the first phase, our colleague will have to create a decision model by classifying different platforms according to the customer's features and needs; in the second phase, instead, she will deal with the actual management of the BI project and its implementation phases.

The internship, which will end in September, takes place under the supervision of our Production Manager.

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