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Our multimedia experience includes the management of important international projects, which are sometimes even carried out with tight deadlines and the need to take over the work in progress.

Multimedia setups for museums, exhibitions, events, auditoriums and meeting rooms; retail stores; digital signage; support for the definition of multimedia concepts; development of innovative technologies. These are some of the solutions we offer to our customers.

Why CWS Multimedia

We follow the multimedia project from concept definition to release, managing the post realization with maintenance services and availability.

Multimedia design and planning, together with software realization, are integrated in the setup concept. Our know-how guarantees a communication between the devices and their management through Livion or the main control and digital signage platforms on the market.


The integration of technologies, software and architectural systems makes it possible to offer complete solutions: from the identification of specific needs, codesign, and the definition of concept and content to the installation and following post-production phases supported by the most innovative technologies.

We are ready for a new engaging user experience!

Case Study, News and Events in the field of Multimedia

Discover our expertise related to the world of multimedia setups


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