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Data Analytics


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Companies that use Data Analytics are able to grasp the fundamental aspects of a situation in real time through the generation of reports with dedicated tools that ensure the retrieval of the original data thanks to customized dashboards.

This Competence Center performs functional analysis of processes related to data collection and analysis, guaranteeing the development of Business Intelligence-oriented applications (back-end and front-end) through the main Business Intelligence tools.

Why CWS Data Analytics

We know the customer journey and the needs of companies that want to adopt, integrate, modify or evolve their Business Intelligence tools.

The strategic partnerships that we have established offer innovative technologies and tools, for which we guarantee a thorough and complete knowledge.


The integration of Data Analytics with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence creates performing automatisms to make the most of the data. Agile Business Intelligence, on the other hand, includes agile software development methodologies to accelerate and improve results and to adapt to changing market conditions.

Algorithms will decide which analysis to continue in depth and which one is to be abandoned, autonomously, providing precise and effective decisions.

Case Study, News and Events in the field of Data Analytics

Discover our expertise related to the world of big data and BI dashboards.


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