19 May 2017

Car Market Study & Forecast 2017 -2021

The new Automotive Consulting Division of CWS Digital Solutions has carried out a study (Car Market Study & Forecast 2017 – 2021) relevant to the automotive market.

Such study, starting from a statistical analysis of the last years and from the main factors of macroeconomic influence in the short and long term, defines the possible development scenarios for the automotive market of new cars within the main channels. However, the most important news regard most of all the used car market, since the Car Market Study & Forecast 2017 -2021, one of a kind in Italy, provides the forecast for the used car market trend until 2021, thanks to an original and innovative approach based on the Transactional Matrix.

The new CWS Division has indeed created a matrix that contains all the main transactions carried out by used car dealers, thus allowing the visualization of the flows that bring second-hand vehicles from the “used car factories” to used car buyers.

In this view, the Division has analyzed each of the years, both in terms of budget and forecast, thus providing a detailed analysis of the possible market trends and of the role and weight that the current players will have in the next years, as well as an analysis of the effects that the used car market will have on the development of car dealers in terms of size.

Lastly, besides analyzing the main trends of each generation channel, the study provides some indications relevant to the trend of the main secondhand market KPIs and on the effects that the prospected trends will have on them.

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