01 August 2017

Attilio Orelli is the new Sales Director of CWS

CWS Digital Solutions promotes an internal figure to head the sales area

The manager from Turin gets the mandate to coordinate and develop the market strategies

CWS Digital Solutions, a company that specializes in system integration, multimedia installations and digital services, has appointed Attilio Orelli as the new director of its Sales Division.                                   

The 48-year old manager from Turin had joined CWS in February 2017 as Sales Account Executive, taking with him the experience accrued in over twenty years of activity in the commercial and strategic marketing sectors, and business development in the service of various IT companies, between Turin and Milan. Before joining CWS, Orelli was the Business Development Manager in Tesisquare Spa.

The appointment of a Sales Director completes the reorganization and development process of the commercial area started by CWS Digital Solutions in recent months, which has seen the new structuring or the upgrading of permanent commercial offices in the Turin, Milan and Verona branches.

The Goal of the new business strategies is the development of cross-selling between the various market areas where CWS is a leading actor, counting especially on the promotion of the proprietary integrated platform of customer engagement Livion, on complex multimedia projects, on the IoT, and on innovative Modern It solutions.

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