18 October 2016

Online auctions


The auction house Bolaffi in Turin has a new website which bears our signature. The portal went live in the second half of October and totaled six requests for enrollment in its first day of operation.

We talked to you about the birth and growth of this project over the past months. Bolaffi tasked us with developing a web platform for a 360-degree management of their back office and to perform auctions on line.

The delivery of the site was for us an important and prestigious milestone, as our Production Manager, Luca Amerioexplains. <<  It is a great result for our team, which can finally see its considerable efforts of the last six months materialized; moreover, the achievement of this important milestone confirms once again our own distinctive feature, namely the ability to implement business web systems based on niche verticalized solutions. At the same time, the project also provided an opportunity for future improvement, since it allowed us understanding that, in similar initiatives, we must never underestimate the duration of the system stabilization phase  >>. The site, which, in the last week of October, carried out its first online stamp auction with participants connected from anywhere in the world, includes three types of pages.

The first are self-created pages that are automatically generated on the basis of inputs provided by the Bolaffi human resources in the back-end application; the second group, instead, are filled out with CMS (Content Management System) through which customers define contents. Last but not least, the third category of pages are a sort of middle ground between the other two. We have also taken care of the front end of the site, the back end through which lots intended for sale are managed, as well as the front end web.

The success of this project was made possible by the team coordinated by Luca Amerio, which included Andrea Romanello, Samuele Salvatico, Davide Capostagno, Andrea Poletto, Davide Villani and Fabrizio Bottino. Luca also extended his recognition to other CWS resources. << I want to also thank colleagues who did not participate directly in the project, but who have connected to the first “in-house” test for the live bidding  >>. By meeting the needs of the prestigious Bolaffi Auction House, we were able to score another important success and confirm our ability in developing and proposing complex solutions.

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