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Insurance appraisals and end of rental

Real support for second-hand cars

The personalized service that guarantees high quality standards

The experience gained by CWS in the world of used vehicles and rental, has allowed the development of an integrated offer that can provide customers with real support in the management and sale of used cars at the end of the rental period of the car.

Our expert service allows you to provide an evaluation of the:

       State of use of bodywork and mechanics: it is used to check for any damage to determine the loss of value of the car and / or assess any costs of repair and restoration

       Insurance appraisals of injured vehicles: it deals with reconstructing the responsibilities of the parties in a road accident, so as to estimate the damage caused to the vehicles involved in order to determine the amount of compensation. The expert must check the policy clauses and independently propose the conservative agreement to the injured party. The elements collected during the preliminary phase, during the inspection and subsequent ones, are used for the drafting of the report that implies the right or not to compensation.

       Checking the condition of the car at the end of the rental period: For a prestigious long-term rental company, we take care of detecting the bodywork and mechanical damage of the car at the end of the rental or leasing contract period. In these cases, a detailed state of use is defined in order to distinguish between damage and normal wear and tear in relation to the age of the car and the mileage, but also to verify the quality of any repairs carried out. This report is the basis for charging the lessor of the vehicle for any damage and/or defining the real sales price of the used car.

       Estimation of the value of the vehicle fleet: Generally, this type of activity is required by the management control and accounting offices of companies, banks, etc. with the aim of identifying the correct value of their vehicle fleet to be included in the balance sheet. In addition, the estimate of the value of the fleet in circulation and the projection of the resale values of each individual vehicle at the end of the contract makes it possible to assess any risks to which the company is exposed on the basis of current contracts and residual values that have been applied.

Over the years, CWS has implemented a personalised service for its customers that combines the high quality standards of its expert reports with a competitive price. The company is also able to cover the entire national territory thanks to the partnership agreements with the main Italian surveys and thanks to the methodology implemented.

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