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Interactive communication in the Automotive sector

Customized videos to improve the relationship with the customer

Communication becomes interactive

The communication between the dealer and the customer, of fundamental importance at any stage of the purchasing process, has evolved by adopting tools typical of digital communication to simplify, make more immediate and personal the relationship with the target audience.

In the Automotive context, and in particular in the retail one, the omni-channel experience is the one that must be most sought after and privileged, guaranteeing the future buyer a smooth transition from online to offline and facilitating all operations that can guarantee a reduction in waiting times, the valorisation of information and data within the CRM and, above all, make it possible to remember the purchase experience (and assistance) as a rewarding moment. 

The technology allows you to integrate different stages of the process by enabling a continuous and personalized dialogue on different touchpoints. 

What are the possible paths? Let's try to imagine them. 

The presence of a chatbot on the dealer's website allows to address the request for information and first level support, with significant time savings for both parties involved in the process. The possibility to book a meeting or an intervention in a dealership, through a shared calendar, ensures the optimization of organizational times and, above all, enables and justifies the request for additional information, which allows to better segment the profile of the future customer. 

The provision of a digital marketplace in which to view the available car fleet, with periodic updates, is a tool for customer loyalty and enhances a privileged channel of communication about the dealer's offer. 

Finally, the availability of an app for reporting claims and booking replacement vehicles reinforces the perception of the quality and usefulness of customer care. 

From paper and electronic documentation, communication with the customer becomes interactive, clear and completely dedicated to the subject to whom it is addressed. 

In the Automotive world, characterized by an extremely competitive environment, competition is increasingly fierce: manufacturers and rental services are measured daily to expand their market segment and the acquisition of new customers. As a result, new technologies are spreading to support the players in the sector, allowing the personalization of communication messages, exponentially increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the contact with the customer. One of these tools is the interactive communication Doxee able to make the most of all the information available in the company to make the communication to the customer unique, optimizing the methods of implementation and distribution. 

This tool has allowed the transition from the document experience in which communication is based on paper and electronic documentation, to the interactive experience in which contact is made through video animations with a level of one-to-one customization. 

The objective is to improve communication effectiveness and establish an engaging relationship with the customer; it is important to remember the use of interactive and personalized videos to convey recursive information.

The main tool is a video content with highly personalized information, which can be sent individually to each customer and customized in every detail: from the user's personal data to those available for its identification (type of car, driving habits, etc..) and targeting.

An example of the activity carried out by CWS in this field was the creation of a video designed to present the Arval Motortrade platform of Asta on line for the purchase of used cars at the end of the rental period. Each new customer, generally a used car sales professional, was guided in the discovery of the platform through personalized messages that put him in touch with his sales representative, taking into account its location on the national territory. The core of our solution is represented by the creative creation of unique videos sent to each potential customer according to the characteristics of the target: maximum result, minimum effort, efficient management of business information.

Interactive communication allows the user to participate in first person and can independently decide the path to take while viewing the video. The distribution takes place through multiple channels: private area of the website, e-mail, sms, chatbot or even through QR code, in compliance with current legislation and GDPR compliance.

Another case of typical use related to the world of used cars concerns the offer of the car to the user at the end of the rental. Thanks to video-animation, even routine documents that are difficult for users to read can become active marketing tools. Personalized videos are very successful because they have the characteristic of being: memorable, compelling, powerful and attractive, succeeding in generating more engagement and interest in customers.

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