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Sauze Project_Carnevale 2020

On ice with CWS 2020

CWS and Sauze Project: a quality collaboration

Once again this year, CWS and Sauze Project have worked closely together to achieve one common goal: customer satisfaction.

Yes, because what characterizes the company of digital solutions and transformation and the ski school in Sauze d'Oulx is a constant commitment to their work, with the aim of guaranteeing quality, bringing value and communicating all the passion put into every small or large daily achievement.

The two realities are united by team spirit, initiative and determination, and if the Sauze Project puts these characteristics physically on the slopes, on the snow-covered slopes of Sauze, organizing tortuous and stimulating competitions, followed by sweet nutellate, as well as events and shows with attention to detail for the most diverse occasions, CWS applies these characteristics on the "slopes" of the ski school technology to facilitate the processes, mainly management, for the benefit of students and staff.


In fact, we have created an app installed on tablets to speed up and simplify the process of selecting and sending photos taken on the slopes by the school photographer, allowing students and/or parents to quickly and fluidly choose the best shots to keep as a souvenir of this year's ski season.

But that's not the only app we developed for the Sauze Project. As a ski school increasingly focused on digital transformation, we thought for them an app for privacy, that is a tool that would facilitate them in collecting consent to the processing of personal data.

Finally, collaborating with a reality that every winter welcomes around 1000 children on average, could we not think of a digital entertainment for the youngest?! As for last year, inside the school there is a flipboard, an interactive whiteboard that children can use to draw and to give a touch of innocent creativity to the blank pages created especially for them. And when none of the little ones is at work, anyone can see on the flipboard the screensaver created ad hoc in mountain style.


If you too are curious to discover the collaboration between these two excellences, look for and follow CWS on the slopes of Sauze d'Oulx, you will find our brand on ski suits, slope materials, backpacks and other gadgets scattered here and there... but also on the cups and medals up for grabs for the participants of the competitions that take place on various weekends, including the competition where there is the CWS Circuit.

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