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The "heart" of health

With the defibrillator we also care for the others

Since we are always attentive to the well-being and health of our employees and collaborators, we have equipped our branches in Turin, Milan, Verona and Padua with a defibrillator.

The initiative was adopted thanks to a study according to which in Italy one person out of 1000 each year is affected by cardiac arrest and only 2% manages to survive. The difference between life and death, or serious physical consequences, is made by the time of intervention and above all by the presence of a defibrillator at hand. For this reason, these life-saving devices have appeared almost everywhere in public places for some years now. Although a legal obligation exists only for sports clubs, some private companies, not many in fact, have begun to equip themselves with these devices. At the same time, some colleagues have been trained and certified to use the defibrillator in appropriate cases, since the law provides that it can only be handled by a skilled user.

Equipping our company with such a device can be useful not only for our employees, but also for emergencies that occur near our branches. For this reason, signs have been placed at the entrance of the headquarters to warn about the presence of the life-saving device.

The adoption of this device became necessary after the evaluation of its usefulness also for the external environment, which is more protected and safer.