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Change as a distinctive feature: CWS new Brand Identity

With its transversal and decisive line, the logo represents the vision of CWS: "a technology that simplifies and moves"

Nine years have passed since the last restyle of the CWS logo.

Nine years ago, in 2010, car sharing made its timid appearance in the European market and the first generation of tablets for the mass market was presented. Spotify launched its service in the US market and Netflix published the first streaming app for iOS devices.

In these years CWS, which was born as a software house and then developed into a system integrator, has evolved to explore all areas of digital transformation: from multimedia setups, to mobile applications and interfaces for immersive environments.

Today CWS includes different expertise within its Competence Centers

“Providing new solutions for the digital evolution of companies” is our new mission; the total renewal of the corporate image is the way we chose to communicate it.

The will expressed in our vision: “A technology that simplifies and moves”, has guided the design of the new brand identity.

We dedicate the launch video to the logo, which is its semantic center.

The technological component is introduced by the simple and decisive feature of the “Slash”.

The graphic sign “/”, which in computer science has the function of dividing the paths among the various folders of the computer and is present in all web addresses, also contains the reference to a function from the DOS language.  In this operating system, the one that preceded Windows, you could apply the option /s: to each command, in this way you indicated the PC to “apply the operation required starting from the current folder and in all its subfolders”.

We chose to incorporate this feature in the logo and recall the function /s because the change we want to implement is pervasive, since it works in depth. It is “contagious”, in a way.

With its transversal line, the Slash represents the new course of CWS, marked by essentiality. The attitude to transparency, one of the values of our Brand, has instead inspired the new colour: the “Green Amazonite”. The charcoal grey, which complements it, expresses solidity and elegance.

We have renewed our Brand Identity; we are ready for the challenges of the digital evolution.

CWS - Tomorrow: we are here.