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Digital Together

A digital single market to regulate new technologies

In the week in which Brussels hosted Digital Day 2018 - one of the biggest events dedicated to the digital world - several European countries sat around a table to form two important alliances: one for Blockchain, and the other for the development of Artificial Intelligence.

On the one hand, the aim is to boost competitiveness and create a digital single market, on the other hand, the aim is to adopt common rules to regulate new technologies and create a level playing field for all. Our country has chosen to join the European AI Partnership, a body formed to network European research centres and universities around the subject of artificial intelligence. The European Commission has prepared a detailed plan based on three pillars: an economic investment, a common code of ethics based on security and responsibility, and a strategy for the socio-economic impact.

Italy will not sit within the European Blockchain Partnership, created to concretely regulate the access to this new technology. The body intends to work closely with the European executive to establish the guidelines for action and to define as soon as possible a first group of cross-border public services that will benefit from the blockchain. After all, the blockchain seems destined to become more and more popular and Europe cannot stand by and watch.

The challenge behind the creation of the two alliances, which is difficult but certainly not impossible, is to reduce the technological gap compared with the United States and China.