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The prospects for second-hand products

Changes underway in the automotive sector

The objective of the book “Usato 2021: il futuro dietro le spalle”, written by Basilio Velleca and published by the Corporate Vehicle Observatory, is to outline the future of the next five years of second-hand cars through the analysis of the changes taking place in the automotive industry.

The first part of the book contains an analysis of second-hand market flows with a focus on transactional matrix, value creation and “second-hand factories”. Today new players are appearing on the scene and are changing the structure of the second-hand market: it becomes decisive to analyse the quantitative and dimensional evolution in order to interpret the changes that will happen in the coming years.

The second chapter is entirely dedicated to the changes that are affecting the automotive world. Basilio's book has also been enriched by a series of interviews with the most important exponents of the automotive sector who have expressed their point of view about the overall state of the art.

The last part of the book looks to the future and in particular to the five-year planning of the supply of used cars and its objectives. In closing, the book examines the transformation of business management models for new and second-hand vehicles in the medium to long-term, providing innovative ideas on the relationship that we will have with the car in the future.

“Usato 2021: il futuro dietro le spalle” is a journey through current affairs, changes and future prospects of the second-hand car market that tries to outline the trends of a sector that promises to be vital and dynamic also in the coming years.