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CWS e Dell-Boomi

CWS and DELL-BOOMI: the scenario of the new strategic partnership

On the occasion of the partnership signed between CWS and DELL-BOOMI, we interviewed Massimo Pellistri, the alliance manager of BOOMI

Massimo explained the advantages of the platform in its main use cases, the relationships and expectations towards the implementation partners and some ideas on future scenarios. 

Q: Boomi is a platform for integration among digital systems that allows you to create an ecosystem among data, applications and processes, with the flexibility of a cloud architecture. The project has been included for the sixth consecutive year in the magic quadrant of Gartner. To what do you attribute this result? 

A:Definitely at the speed that our customers have in achieving their business goals. Boomi’s native Cloud architecture, the breadth of technologies/applications with which it is able to connect and the amount of out-of-the-box functionalities offered by the platform allow for highly dynamic integration projects. The freedom from constraints for the preparation of development environments and the simplicity with which you can integrate even the most complex applications, enabling immediate operation, allow you to have a time to market in line with the needs of the digital transformation of enterprise reality. 

Secondly: the focus on the most innovative technologies, such as the IoT and Blockchain, whose adoption is sometimes seen as a problem because of their complexity. Boomi is an enabler in this case: it allows customers to approach these new technologies with confidence, all to the benefit of a rapid and simplified implementation of frontier solutions.” 

Q: System integration is particularly complex for business acquisitions. What are the advantages of adopting Boomi

A:The M&A sector is currently one of Boomi’s main markets, precisely because, in the case of mergers, our platform offers a number of opportunities when it comes to system integration. The integration of two or more corporate IT infrastructures is both a delicate and strategic moment. Thanks to Boomi, it is possible to take advantage of the opportunity to redesign architectures, rethink the range of applications, re-engineer processes and rethink data models. The Boomi approach allows you to manage your M&A process quickly and flexibly.” 

Q: A user-friendly graphical interface and a training and certification program seem to favour in-house development and maintenance. How do companies respond to this proposal? 

A:We are deeply convinced that an open and comprehensive knowledge base system, as well as an easy and intuitive development interface are valuable to our Customers and Partners. Proof of this is the enthusiasm with which the market has responded to this openness to sharing and transparency. Today, the community of “boomers” is heterogeneously composed of customers, enthusiasts, certified and non-certified technicians, and it interacts with the world of social media, continuously expanding and improving the knowledge base.” 

Q: Boomi has many partnerships: how and how much do they contribute to the development and diffusion of the platform? In particular, what do you expect from the partnership with CWS? 

A:In this case we must distinguish among the various meanings of “partnership”. There are partners who are more concerned with the integration aspect than companies that have the more traditional role of resellers. The partnership with CWS allows us to aim at customer satisfaction through ad hoc projects perfectly designed and built, like a tailor-made suit, on the needs of customers. To put it in the terms of a good friend of mine, the easy question that a technology can answer is “how”. “How” do you use Boomi? The most complicated question where CWS plays the key role is “what”. “What” can I do with Boomi? The added value of the consulting world lies in knowing how customers work and what their needs are.” 

Q: Is there a case of platform implementation that surprised you with its results or the originality of the solution? 

A:Yes, recently a customer used Boomi to develop a chatbot. This is an interesting case, which goes beyond the concept of an integration platform and demonstrates the versatility of the customization possibilities. In particular, it draws attention to a practical application of the product, inserted in the market. 

Our case studies tend to always present the business component. The most recent applications in sectors such as pharmaceutics and food, where an equivalent customer experience has been achieved between the online and the store, are proof that Boomi is a business tool capable of involving the end consumer, not just the technological component. We turn to partners like CWS to reach customers with visibility into business and front-end processes.” 

Q: How do Big Data and Data Analytics scenarios change with the implementation of Boomi? On what kind of implementation do you see the greatest potential of the platform? 

A:The Big Data model requires data integration and writing in a single Data Lake, not just for business intelligence purposes. The value of Boomi emerges both in the moment linked to the feeding and enrichment of the data within the Data Lake, and in the function of access to the data present in the Lake through those Data Services architectures and Microservices, with functionalities aimed at improving the trust of the information

Take for example the IoT scenarios, where “smart” objects are able to produce a huge amount of information, where there is a high rate of “noise”. Boomi allows you to insert components on top to transform data, collect them in different formats and sampling rates, ensuring their quality. 

The next step is to display the data on the front end by calling them from the Data Lake. From here, new services for the end user can be created. These services are able to offer an informative quotient of value and quality in complete safety

The trust of information and its ease of retrieval for users are the added value to strive for: this allows users to become data-citizens and take advantage of an ecosystem of services whose benefits are reflected in a better overall experience

The data has become a source of information, from which derives a continuous and potential improvement, and no longer a simple output of a process; its correct preservation increases its value, determining an evolution of the process in a virtuous way”. 

Thanks to this partnership, CWS opens a chapter of projects that go beyond the scenarios of pure integration, stimulating our ability to propose creative solutions and, why not, new ones.