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Customer Experience and customer journey: online and in the show-room

Technology at the service of retail in the automotive context

Exclusive and personalised services for online and offline communication

In the process of buying a car, the distinguishing element of dealerships and car manufacturers is represented by the offer of exclusive and personalized services that improve the customer experience of the customer both during the search for information online and when visiting the point of sale.

In order to obtain this result it is necessary to know the needs but above all the behaviour of the users considering the importance of each phase that characterizes both.

CWS uses two fundamental tools to support the customer in deepening these two moments:

In-store path: the people counter is a measurement tool, using beacons and sensors located inside the store, which allows you to identify the behaviour of customers in the showroom by detecting the entrances, verifying visiting routes, the cars viewed, the sellers involved in the sales process. The data collected provide certain numbers on the entrances; compared with the closing rates of the contracts, they allow to evaluate the results of marketing and promotional campaigns proving and measuring the effectiveness of the communication plan.

Online path: the digital behaviours of potential customers are tracked by our Customer Engagement Management solution, able to present the general framework of the path that leads the customer to the evaluation of the purchase and that is a key moment in the perception of the experience offered by the brand. The tool, Glassbox, allows you to observe the behaviour of visitors to a website, an intranet or an app. It is possible to analyze the actions carried out during the navigation phase, but also the anomalies that usually lead customers to leave the platform before the end of the process. The insights that emerge allow improving the customer experience or intervening promptly to solve the problems detected. Glassbox allows you to perform a wide range of activities, not just analysis, including:

  • Set up business alerts using artificial intelligence (you can set up promotional communications)
  • Get a summary of usage data and an updated information framework through access to custom dashboards.
  • Measure the impact of online customer experience in real time
  • Optimize in-page analytics visible within navigation environments
  • Integration with any other solution already present in the context of reference
  • Carry out specific and advanced searches
  • Map the customer’s path
  • Export data from the platform flexibly.

Once the behaviour of visitors has been identified and analysed, it becomes much more effective to draw up a marketing plan that, through more personalized communication, allows the user to live a more satisfying customer experience.

To amplify messages and stimulate interactions, the installation of interactive totems inside the showroom performs this task well and has the advantage of involving the potential buyer by offering dedicated content. The use of large interactive monitors in which to enable the visualization of the entire stock of used cars, the location of the cars, the request for intervention of a seller or the booking of a test drive, for example, is a sales method much more in line with the expectations of a digitized customer to promote the sale of second-hand cars.

Thanks to proximity marketing tools, instead, it is possible to send personalized messages to the customer through different devices: totems, TVs, screens, but also e-mails and text messages. The communications received will be in line with the needs of customers and supplemented by data on the activities carried out in the showroom at the time of the visit.

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