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The integration between bank and technology

Banks are facing a significant change based on Cloud, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Fintech and Open Banking. The goal is to make the concept of traditional banking evolve by adapting it to an increasingly digital, fast and demanding clientele.

Credit institutions will have to:

  • Increase the loyalty of those current account holders who can decide to “create” their own financial institution with just one click.
  • Defend themselves from the competition of tech giants that will have access to the databases of financial institutions.

Carta di credito

Open Banking

The open banking allows customers to share access to their financial data with other operators to receive services capable of innovating the customer experience.

Cyber Security

Banks need to identify “fictitious customers” while safeguarding security, opportunities and openness to the external digital ecosystem, starting from the PSD2.

Smart branches

Many banks integrate different brands within a single hub. This solution reduces office running costs and guarantees a heterogeneous product offering.


Today we are faced with a synergy in which start-ups play a decisive role in the evolution of bank business models. 


The know-how and experience gained over many years of consulting at various banks, the legacies related to them, and the collaboration with various application centers such as the Bank of Italy, Seceti and SiaSsb allow us to understand the needs of the banking sector and to propose solutions suitable for the context.

Your journey on the clouds is safe

The use of clouds allows for a simplified management with the advantage of using many environments as services without having to maintain them. Our database is served “As a service” by Microsoft Azure and the solutions we adopt operate on containers thanks to the use of Docker.

A tailor-made distribution system

The definition of personalized and interactive commercial actions through a push, detailed distribution system.


In the near future, there will be a lack of essential skills to manage mainframe systems and resources able to maintain and develop the relevant code lines. We have taken up the challenge of rehosting solutions by shifting the competition from stability to the speed of service and functionality supply.


Case Study, News and Events in the field of banking

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