01 July 2016

Welfare signed CWS

Corporate welfare is reality. CWS Soluzioni Informatiche has launched a plan that will include a Supplemental Health Fund and Supplementary Pension Fund.

The announcement was given during the kick-off of corporate activities at the beginning of the years, and, a few months down the road, our Corporate Welfare plan is taking shape.

The project is the result of a forward-looking and kind decision by Top Management: this course of action places the CWS Group among the top entrepreneurial realities committed to providing high-level benefits to its personnel.

Despite being a company with several branches located in Northern Italy and employing over a hundred people, CWS has been conceived, since its inception, as a large family in which every member counts and matters.

For this reason, Top Management pursued its resolve to take care of the health of its employees, as well as their future once they reach retirement age.

This gave rise to two channels presented to staff: the Integrative Health Care Fund and the Supplementary Pension Fund.

The Integrative Health Care Fund will enable workers to make use of health services by integrating or replacing public healthcare services, which, in many cases, will relieve employees of the burden to cover healthcare expenses. Completely free for the beneficiary, since it is being financed by the Company, coverage will be extended to family members as well - now or later - for a favorable fee.

And this is not all, because CWS cares about the well-being of its employees, even in the future, when their professional life in the Company is exhausted. The issue of pensions and retirement age has been a topic of current public debate, as well as the subject of study by government and institutions. The supplementary pension fund that CWS offers its employees is, therefore, intended to provide an additional guarantee to workers, irrespective of what is expected for mandatory retirement.

The supplementary pension will, therefore, allow workers integrating, in in whole or in part, other benefits. In this case, there is no obligation, since what is being offered is just an opportunity. At CWS branches, we are organizing meetings with insurance brokers who make themselves available to illustrate the details of the supplementary Fund and answer questions.

CWS Soluzioni Informatiche can show its concerns not only for the present and health of its workers, but for their future as well.

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