01 July 2016

Vinitaly 2016: we are there!

A small corner of Expo came back to life at Vinitaly, the largest fair of Italian wines and distillates par excellence that is held every year in Verona, where CWS has assembled several multimedia installations.

The experience in Expo 2015 - where CWS assembled numerous pavilions - has begun to bear fruits, as proof of what a great showcase the Universal Exhibition was for Italian companies.

Indeed, at Vinitaly, in fact, a small part of what was the most visited Wine Pavilion took shape at VeronaFiere. Inside the Veneto Pavilion, which housed 8 of the 200 wine dispensers of Wine Emotion already present in the Expo, CWS assembled monitors and players that communicated with a central server and, based on visitors’ choices, could collect data, displaying them on the screen. Next, we secured and managed the audio service for all events organized during the fair in the multipurpose room of the Pavilion, which housed the touch table and LED wall that welcomed visitors.

32 42-inch Samsung monitors were installed in common areas; they displayed on a loop content provided by Veronafiere.

In addition to the “visible” work, CWS also assembled the server infrastructure that put in communication, centralized and automated Player and Monitor technologies in the Veneto Pavilion and the four common areas assigned by Veronafiere. A CMS (mediamanager) with web interface managed and conveyed contents from a central location (server) to remote stations located in public areas.

We also leveraged two feathers on the cap endorsed by CWS: the Player Manager to start, stop, schedule times and Player Authorcube, to manage the screening and synchronization of audio and video signals. The two applications have already been used successfully in some of the media productions realized by CWS.

On April 13, some of CWS customers were able to appreciate closely the work done by the Company. After a visit to the Verona branch, led by CEO Luca Passini, President Walter Passini and General Manager Mauro Onuspi, our customers were accompanied to Vinitaly, where they indulged in wine tasting through wine dispensers and visited other installations. During the visit, the group was joined by the Veronafiere Chief Operating Officer Giorgio Possagno, who did the honors and thanked once again our Company’s senior leadership.

Vinitaly represented another success for CWS, confirming us again as the leader in the field of multimedia installations. The event gave us the opportunity to leverage our expertise, tailoring it to this new challenge.

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