01 June 2017

A hub for the future

As of May, CWS Digital Solutions becomes member of the ICT Cluster in Piedmont, North-West Italy. The ICT Cluster is an excellence network that puts together SMEs, start-ups, large companies, research institutes to foster new partnerships and to enhance skills. 

The Polo members enjoy various benefits: participation in trade fairs and events, publication of their company profile, highlighting of their products and services, dissemination of news to the network.

CWS will have the chance to cooperate with other companies, share state-of-the-art technologies and discuss them, participate in services with other emerging small and medium businesses on complex projects, and by participating, join innovation funding schemes managed by the hub.

This opens a new season replete of opportunities, which will allow CWS to best present its digital solutions, and, most of all, get in touch with other realities that operate within the Polo, creating new business opportunities and integrating its technologies with those of its partners in order to offer its customers a more and more tailored answer to their requirements.

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