10 May 2017

A Totem with a Lake View

CWS puts its own name on another prestigious multimedia installation by placing a totem touch screen in Garda, a cosy little town on the shores of the lake with the same name.

The installation has been commissioned by the Garda Hoteliers’ Association, an organization that gathers and represents hotel operators of the area.

The totem consists of a 46-inch monitor skin designed for outdoor use and equipped with a CWS touch film, encased in a dibond aluminum frame, a material which is made up of plastic elements held between two aluminum foils.

The operation is regulated by a NUC mini-pc where the data relative to hotels and tourist accommodations in the area have been uploaded. The totem, placed outside the association’s information point, gives visitors and tourists the chance to check on the availability of rooms in a specific hotel, or to consult useful information (prices, addresses, etc.). Later, it will be possible to book a room directly from the totem with a few simple touches.

CWS shows, once again, the versatility of its solutions and its well-proven competence in this field.


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