25 July 2016

Social Wall

Our partnership launched last year with one of the most important industrial companies in Italy, a leading global provider in the clothing and textile sector, continues with success.

After completing the work phase linked to e-mail migration to Microsoft Exchange 2013 and the installation of the same software on the company’s mobile devices, we were called upon to build a social wall to be installed in the Group’s headquarters.

It is a set of four 55-inch Samsung monitors on which a variety of information related to the company is broadcast; on the monitors’ top portion are displayed user comments posted on the Group’s social accounts, in particular, Facebook and Instagram, and, in a separate section, some statistics related to post performance and related reactions of the social community.

Immediately below, instead, are displayed the ranking of the three best stores of the week. Finally, the bottom portion of each monitor, divided into two windows, lists, on one side, the five best products and, on the other, the worst products of the week.

The monitors will be placed next to the company’s elevators, in a prominent position, in so-called “social areas” so that everyone can have a constantly updated overview of the company’s progress and on its perception on social networks.

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