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Digital Finance

Financial institutions are at the center of digital evolution. They find themselves before the complete renewal of business models and look for an integrated model and winning proposition in a market in rapid transition towards its digital environment. CWS is able to serve as consultant in support of a path that focuses on investments, which aims to preserve the operational and practical heritage of open and mainframe legacy systems. Our functional and technological consulting follows customers in the innovation and integration processes of the most advanced software solutions with existing IT systems.


With the evolution of information and technology services, it is necessary to proceed with caution to ensure that the integration with core systems and departmental and front-end systems evolved are managed with maximum efficiency and respect of investments. The evolution of mainframe-based core systems continues to provide stability and efficiency to customers, who find in CWS an experienced partner in the management of high-performance hybrid systems.


Effective communication and the ability to have qualified information at its disposal are among the priorities of each modern company. Greater integration, greater collaboration among departments, data flow controlled and enhanced by information contained within the corporate and public network are competitive advantages available to management. CWS identifies the right mix of integration and, through the availability of a hybrid Cloud/OnPremise, creates the conditions for improving workflows, simplifying front-end and back-end structures.


Solutions applicable to business contexts to capture the user's attention through gaming. From the simplest integration mechanisms to the proposals which leverage augmented reality interaction, CWS is able to design products that bring to the fore logical interactions, communication protocols and the exchange of information.


We have experience in the management of important multimedia projects for museums, exhibitions and international events, even with stringent timing and the need to take over a task while the job is already in progress. We own strong technical and design expertise, as well as the ability to install, configure and manage complex projects with hardware and software solutions developed ad hoc, offering competitive advantages. CWS Multimedia caters to the digital media market with a 360-degree approach across the digital supply chain. A real support to companies that see in digital communication a strategic investment for their business. Digital processes lead to corporate communication that is more dynamic and oriented to the knowledge of customers.

Digital Asset Management

Livion is CWS’s integrated communication solution able to offer an experience of communication and dialogue with the user. Integrable via Beacon, UltraSound, Camcorder and Wi-Fi Comm, it allows companies to maximize the highest levels of communication with their customers. The strategic partnership with WARDA completes proposals, allowing you to manage the digital process from the digital native point within a company.


Different variations, many possible points of view and the native information of a constant two-way dialogue. This is the main node on which CWS works when it comes to Mobile. Mobile web, web applications, native applications, Smartphone, tablet, wearable devices, the technological perspective we offer is always based on the search for the best user experience and the ability to offer new and more advanced features.

Business Intelligence

Modern Data Scientist Units use new acquisition methodologies and data processing. Various and heterogeneous sources, wider sizes, IT and Internet via social monitoring products, all expertly integrated with the existing bases and profiled data within CRMs and corporate databases. CWS supports business users and the IT experts of its customers maximize sources and obtain accurate and hyper-detailed analyses. CWS has consistently invested in business intelligence, building expertise to support its customers to which it provides geared vertical expertise from the world of social and big data. The result is a division that can provide definite answers and enable the end user to analyze its own business.

Modern IT

The IT services industry is highly competitive and constantly focused on cost reduction. The CWS approach is to lay the groundwork with its customers and offer a portfolio of solutions with higher added value and skilled management in order to optimize physical and logical resources. With the support of themes based on advanced workforce management concepts, CWS, through appropriately sized teams of skilled staff, has in place the capacity to meet the demand of its customers by sizing the effort required and calculating correct execution time and costs.

Comunicazione interattiva

In ogni punto di contatto del customer journey la nostra esperienza verticale, unita alla tecnologia abilitante del nostro partner, è in grado di aumentare l'efficacia delle comunicazioni rafforzando il coinvolgimento dei clienti e stimolando azioni di valore per tutti gli attori in campo, con un beneficio sulla qualità e durata della relazione e un impatto positivo sul conto economico. Scopri di più