06 December 2016

WARDA to the future

The future of the solutions we can offer our customers and clients also passes, inevitably, through the strategic partnership that we forge with other companies in the computing world. One of these is the one we established with WARDA, a company founded in Padua, in the heart of the textile and fashion district, which, in recent years, has developed a software specially designed for the fashion, luxury, retail and design markets.
Its name is “Board Ominichannel”; it is a digital asset planning system, namely, an IT platform for the governance of digital data within a company.
It often happens that within an enterprise data are stored in a variety of places or databases, and that “media chaos” ensues in the management and exchange of such data, resulting in very low levels of security.
The WARDA product aims to solve this problem and restore order by conveying content to different touch points effectively and without the risk of misalignment.
Indeed, the board operates as a repository of all information and digital data about the company, and, at the same time, as a single delivery point entrusted with the delivery of content to four identified channels: Style & Product, Visual & Retail, Marketing & Social, and E-commerce.
The goal of this partnership is, therefore, to offer end customers new solutions that make the customer journey between a brand and its retailer network more efficient. Moreover, thanks to our consolidated capabilities in system integration and multimedia productions, the bard could also pave the way to markets other than fashion and retail.
Once again, the alliance with partners is essential to open new ways and deliver solutions in step with progress.

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