Multimedia & Events

We have experience in the management of important multimedia projects for museums, exhibitions and international events, even with stringent timing and the need to take over a task while the job is already in progress. We own strong technical and design expertise, as well as the ability to install, configure and manage complex projects with hardware and software solutions developed ad hoc, offering competitive advantages. CWS Multimedia caters to the digital media market with a 360-degree approach across the digital supply chain. A real support to companies that see in digital communication a strategic investment for their business. Digital processes lead to corporate communication that is more dynamic and oriented to the knowledge of customers.

Digital communication

Over the years, CWS has developed systems dedicated to the management, distribution and display of audiovisual content with technology distributed across the supply chain that focuses on a new concept of digital signage. Information processed, preserved, developed and published to continue beyond field of technology which, thanks to modern IT and processing systems is able to analyze field data and provide significant returns on the use of content and viewer profiling.

Development of innovative technologies

CWS’s Innovation Lab has integrated the expertise honed by the company in the hardware and software environment with the ability to develop highly innovative experimental solutions in the multimedia field, which are specially designed to impress. Among case histories, we include the realization of technologically advanced and completely automated permanent museums as well as the setting up of large temporary pavilions for universal expositions with the support of solutions like video walls, art wall, projected 3Dmapping and augmented reality.

Advanced management of digital content

CWS Livion is the CWS complete solution for the management of digital content. With an integrated workflow management and digital asset platform, Livion is able to handle automated control services for complex installations and the most modern smart applications.