18 September 2017

MONDOJUVE: in the backstage there’s us too!

On Thursday, September 7, MONDOJUVE, the mega shopping mall located in the area between the Towns of Vinovo and Nichelino, in the province of Turin, opened its gates for the foremost time. The shopping mall, built by Gruppo Gilardi, is the first result of the development of the largest Shopping Park in Piedmont and one of the most innovative in Europe in terms of concept, eco-sustainability and upgrading of the town road network. CWS had the pleasure to cooperate with various activities in this successful project, which will be completed within the next three years.

In the beginning, the job entrusted to us was the installation of the active systems and manage their interconnection to the shopping mall data network. So, we installed the Wi-Fi access points, many of them overhead, using forklifts.

We were then asked to manage other types of systems that had to be connected to the network; a significant portion of this activity was devoted to the video surveillance cams, especially to the software management and recording, the adjustment, focusing and orientation of the electronic eyes and their interaction with the recording system.

The customer’s need to know the number of daily entries into the Shopping Mall started the creation of the People Counter, the latest evolution of our product Livion.

The functions and purposes of this application are very simple: by recording the signals sent off by mobile devices with the Wi-Fi option turned on, the system can collect data that are fundamental for statistics, advanced analytics and proximity marketing.

In fact, every mobile device features its own Mac Address, a unique hardware address, different from that of other devices; this enables us to count the number of people visit the shopping mall, how they move inside of it, and how many times they come back, the whole without prejudice to one’s privacy, since it is impossible to get sensitive information such as the sex, age and personal details.

That’s why the Livion People Counter represents a useful answer to direct certain marketing choices. For instance, the data collected – updated every 5 minutes – can allow us to identify the areas where customers stop less than in others and understand why. Moreover, if the system records a greater number of customers who own a device of the same brand, it is possible to address targeted adverts to such group.

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