Modern IT

Modern IT is our company’s core business and embodies CWS’s historical vocation; it meets the market’s new needs through constant evolution.

Strategic consulting

From the preliminary analysis, we support our customers in making the most suitable technological choices. We know products and how they work, we have partnerships with big companies and a natural inclination in the use of new technologies, including niche technologies. We can customize any product according to our customers’ discrete needs.

Software development

We develop programs designed according to each customer’s needs, customize the main products in the international market or work to implement software already in use. We offer a wide range of next-generation programming languages, organize refresher courses to offer cutting-edge software and have several certifications regarding the use of particular products.

Developing mobile applications

We create mobile applications suitable for all major operating systems, and perform tests with the latest devices to provide assistance services on applications developed by us. We also offer proximity technologies like Proxee and SmartBeacon, which, through proximity control, allow managing customers’ contacts, both when they visit a store and during advertising/public events. Our technologies can be integrated both to our customers’ proprietary applications and to other existing communications equipment.

Home support

Know and live our clients’ IT systems is the key to a successful project. For this reason, our resources can be positioned at a client's office in order to develop and manage software projects or develop computer systems.