Wine cellar IoT

The sensors record climatic conditions at regular intervals and send data through the LIVION IoT controller, developed by CWS, to a server that the user can monitor through a web application, which is available directly on smartphones. Therefore, the system can proactively report to owners any errors and changes in temperature regarding the default values by sending email or SMS alerts, and provides valuable support to enjoy the finest bottles without any mishap. Indeed, the wine cellar can generate the history of each purchase and provide advice about how to store and when to consume wines. And, if dinner is scheduled for that same evening, the “smart” wine cellar can even be programmed remotely to gradually bring the selected wines to the correct serving temperature, so they can be put on the table even when you arrive home last minute.

Other aspects are guaranteed by LIVION IoT

  • WiFi/4G
  • Temperature/ Humidity/ Air Quality inside/outside
  • Real Time Statistic
  • Push Notification/Warning
  • Remote Temperature Adjust
  • Bottles Live Inventory
  • Reminders