LIVION Digital Meeting

LIVION Digital Meeting Room is the management and booking solution of meeting rooms and executive offices, allowing you to view the features of each room, allocated commitments and resources involved.

Bookings and requests for free rooms can be made through corporate email with a dedicated web app., or directly on the touch screen (optional).

The software created and proposed by CWS Digital Solution has the following features:

  • Visible information regarding “Free room vs Occupied room”, with the next meeting marked on the calendar;

  • Easy installation and wiring (POE power supply);

  • No external players required (the software is embedded in the monitor);

  • Possibility to decide which information to display to protect corporate confidentiality;

  • Security facilitator (visual capacity management and additional security signalling)

  • Special events management

Other aspects are guaranteed by LIVION Digital Meeting
  • LDAP/ Exchange Integration

  • Integrated APP