07 February 2017

The Innovation Strategy Division

The name already says much of what we do: innovation is in fact in constant search of technologies that could be useful for a company - through market monitoring and participation in events and conferences.

The Division, through its Director, Emanuele Grosso, also makes use of everything that emerges in the company, from personal searches carried out on Internet sites dedicated to the IT world to proposals coming from the market. To complement the available input there are also the consultants of our Gartner Partner, who give their support by providing opinions or suggestions which the Division ponders prior to moving on to the next step, which includes the strategy phase.

It is at this stage that the analysis of the impact that a particular project may have on the market is carried out by imagining scenarios, verifying effective sustainability from an economic point of view, and determining whether the company wishes to invest in the project.

If the project takes shape, the Division maintains constant contact with the Office of Production presiding over the allocation of resources by relying upon the suitable human resources. If it becomes necessary to hire professionals who are not currently in the company, the Division engages with HR or relies upon Indian off-shore development companies that allow "offshore development" placing at one’s disposal the proper "firepower" at low cost.

The prototyping phase is crucial and useful to provide the "proof of concept" and give body and substance to an idea with the aim of presenting it and illustrating it, even outside the company.

Relations with marketing and sales departments are certainly no less important, because without them is impossible to evaluated the impact on the market or schedule the new product for offer to customers.

The Division is one of the hubs of our company and also derives its strength from close collaboration with other sectors, in a team effort that aims to always achieve the best result possible and offer to customers or partners solutions customized by CWS.

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