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The exchange of value for a continuous improvement

Companies rely on professionals to deal with complex situations, selecting and rewarding a consulting support able to provide them with knowledge, skills, methodologies and experiences they don’t have.

In this scenario, we are a partner at the service of the market and we are able to propose solutions dedicated to the specific needs of each one of our customers and to guide them in understanding the main trends of this sector.


A-commerce for A-consumer

Thanks to A-Commerce, the behaviour of consumers can be changed by relying on algorithms and smart devices for retail experiences such as the comparison, purchase and delivery of products or use of services.

An upgrade to the ERP

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning guarantee correct data transfer reducing the risk of errors and, thanks to a continuous and effective analysis of the business environment, they are also an intelligent guidance for the choices to be made.

Expectations that matter

In order to guarantee a satisfactory Customer Expectation, it is necessary to carefully and continuously monitor the market and identify the key values that characterize the different phases of the loyalty process.

Privacy management

With the GDPR, organizations must adopt processes aimed at the transparency and awareness of the collection, storage, archiving and use of customer and supplier data.


The updates on the main technologies, the integration with the customers’ systems and, above all, the knowledge of the latest market trends allow us to guarantee a complete and specific offer.

A responsive information system

We compare different ERPs and choose the most suitable modules for integration with systems in order to propose the ideal solution in line with the culture and policy of the organization. The database or the management system are created on the basis of specific needs to build, together, a tailor-made product.

A-commerce? Yes, thank you!

Our solutions automate business processes to make them smarter. This is the case of the Advanced Electronic Signature, which allows you to effectively manage the digital signature process without using paper documents.

Beyond the involvement

By integrating different technologies with our proprietary software Livion, we can offer a range of solutions covering Proximity Marketing needs, interactions with Beacons and mobile applications, and monitoring services through Face Recognition, while remaining compliant with GDPR regulations.

Case Study, News and Events in the field of consumer

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