30 April 2016

Happy Birthday Internet

It was April 30, 1986 when a detachment of the National Research Council, the CNUCE (National University Computing Center) in Pisa, Director Stefano Trumpy, network systems engineer Antonio Blasco Bonito and Luciano Lenzini, in charge of overseeing computers and networks, launched the first “ping” that would mark the advent of the Internet in Italy.

A “journey” that from the CNUCE computers eventually found its way through a SIP phone cord to a Frascati station operated by Italcable - which managed international calls - and, eventually, to a plant in the Abruzzo region that launched it in towards the Intelsat IV satellite, at that time orbiting over the Atlantic Ocean. The satellite delivered that first test message to the Roaring Creek satellite station, in Pennsylvania. Moments later, the first Italian conversation on the global network ended with an “OK” from the United States.

Thus, this was the start of rapid and inexorable revolution that would transform a technology which, up to that point, had been used only for military purposes, into what today has become the most powerful means of communication, the undisputed vector of globalization.

And yet at that time, back in those days, it almost went unnoticed. The world was still dazed by the Chernobyl disaster, and only a few newspapers gave some space to this news.

However, the development of Internet was destined to be irrepressible. Indeed, in 1990, the first providers, like Agora, Galactica and Mc-Link were born; in 1991, thanks to the intuition of Tim Berners Lee, the World Wide Web as we know it came into being, though it was not until 1994 that we witnessed the birth of I.Net, the first Italian provider for the professional market. The rest is pretty much the history of our times, with the advent of technologies such as broadband and fiber optics.

The story of CWS Soluzioni Informatiche - founded on March 21, 1987 - stretches over 29 of the 30 years that passed since the first Italian communication. We have seen and experienced, very often first hand, the sea change brought about the advent of this technology, adapting each time to new things, studying them and carry them further to offer customers solutions always in step with the times and with technological advances.

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