Digital Transformation

Through digital transformation, we support our customers by applying transactional models based on digital processes, integrating legacy systems with the market’s leading and most innovative products. The reconstruction or redesign of consolidated operating process in digital form allows obtaining important optimizations, thanks to the introduction of advanced tools for advanced analytics, which allow the elimination of inefficiency. Additional benefits are achieved by feeding collaboration tools properly.

Physical to digital

We help our customers in the digital process management, transactional Digital IT and the provision of specific services, proposing ourselves to Change Agents as reference partners for consulting and technological support. We offer experience and professionalism at all stages of the management process: acquisition, classification, data capture and storage. We treat documents as active element of business processes, with complete logical tracking and procedural data analytics. We provide solutions designed according to customer needs, using the best technology and focusing immediately on the objective. We offer ourselves as partners and not just as suppliers in complex ECM- with-ERP integration projects, which are essential for a correct identification of the Digital business.

Advanced analytics

We offer support to Change Management through the ability to consult metadata extracted from back-end systems and aggregated according to criteria established by the client. We develop customized solutions for business intelligence, even for those operating in the cloud. We honed experience in the fields of data discovery and data governance and provide advice on projects involving the organization of data and processes, warehouse date engineering, monitoring and analysis.

Digital publication

Through Digital Asset Management (DAM), it is possible to manage images and internal digital assets; the system leads to a clear operational framework with the possibility of adding metadata and manage processes related to images. The technology platform offers the advantage to adapt to any market sector of the client and can be customized based on different requirements and needs. It consolidates data into one centralized database and allows the association with metadata collected from the back-end system. By changing a bit within the repository all data found within various processes are automatically updated.

Physical to virtual

We take care of the development of technologies that aim to trasform a process from physical to virtual from cloud products that allow the storage, processing or transmission of data available on demand from a set of pre-existing and configurable resources, with the possibility of cloud storage in our virtual machines. The offer is also extended to the possibility of video use and production for the Oculus technology, a wearable virtual reality that allows a wide field of view.