08 March 2017

Protagonists at the Design Innovation Talk

Augmented reality, user experience and technological evolution in museum exhibits were the central topics of Design Innovation Talk, the organized meeting cycle organized by the Experience Design Lab of Intesa Sanpaolo, the space dedicated to the study of innovative companies within the Banking Group’s skyscraper.

Luca Passini, CEO of CWS Digital Solutions and Architect Benedetto Camerana, “father” of the J Museum and the historical Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, were the protagonists of the event held on March 8.

As it was the case at the meeting hosted by the Fondazione Sandretto in November, Camerana and Passini offered a comprehensive overview on multimedia installations and new ways of understanding museums.

The Architect discussed, in particular, how today it is often necessary to incorporate an old museum into a new one, by carefully selecting the pieces to be exhibited in accordance to a defined narrative. This can be made possible by relying upon digital solutions that play a key role in giving life to project ideas.

Passini focused on the concept of user experience, around which revolve many of the technological developments that are poised to enter the market in the future. Museum visitors are no longer happy with simply admiring a collection; they want to interact and talk to it. “Technology thus becomes a real enabling factor e allows streamlining users’ experience” - said Passini - “today, we are working on technology that will assist us in designing the future in the next 5 years”. In this context, the Moveri glasses for augmented reality, designed by Epson and tested by CWS at the ISE in Amsterdam, can pave the way to new solutions, such as allowing access to unexposed or archived contents, thus improving the visitor experience.

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