01 July 2016

CWS and TBK, a winning combination under the basket

Basketball and IT come together to create a winning combination through CWS. The Turin-based company, a leader in IT solutions and in large multimedia installations has been sponsoring the Torino Basketball Club for two years.

To tell this story, we have to take a small step back, to the birth of this team: The Torino Basketball Club was founded in 2006 as a result of the partnership among three historical societies, Crocetta Torino, Reale Società Ginnastica and Auxilium Torino, which decided to join forces to create a new project: collecting the best young athletes to create a team, and help it grow year after year.

Six years ago, the team was promoted to Regional Series B but later, due to some adverse events, it was demoted.

At this point, the team’s leadership decided to start focusing on those young athletes it had helped develop and grow. It was a winning choice, given that the team eventually won the Promotion league, was promoted to Series D and, the following year, reached the Regional Series C. The first year of the Series C games ended with playoffs, with a dream to advance to the next step, which, however, was crushed in the semifinals. This year, instead, the team made it to the Series C “gold” (national level), a goal that stands as the consecration of a team that has invested so much in young people - all players are between 22 and 24 years of age - and which never let itself be discouraged by defeats.

This is where the team’s story merges with CWS. All it took was a meeting on the train between Luca Amerio, Production Director of CWS and Manager of the basketball team, and Luca Passini CWS CEO. The two men saw in the sponsorship a marketing opportunity, realizing, at the same time, that CWS’s underlying principles are the same that guided the birth and growth of the team: family, teamwork and desire to grow.

Finally, a curiosity that will make you smile: the basketball players of the Turin club have a nickname: “Tunas”, as in tuna fish. Blame the graphic transposition of the word “Torino” that appeared on the team’s jersey and that, due to the closeness between the letters “r” and “i” could be mistakenly read ad “Tonno” (tuna). What was born as a teasing from opposing teams, eventually became an element of pride and a symbol. Indeed, a tuna fish is depicted on the shorts and jerseys of the players in the field.

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