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On ice with CWS

Initiatives for the Sauze Project

A meeting of excellence

What do a ski school in Sauze d'Oulx and a company for digital services have in common?

Certainly, the passion for the mountains, skiing and parties is a point in common, but also initiative, team spirit and determination.

With this attitude, CWS is employing its skills and technologies to optimise and streamline the IT of the ski school to the benefit of its students and staff.


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Starting from the registration that we are digitizing so that it can be proposed in a smart version with electronic signature on tablet, to a service of images consultation. Soon, the shots taken by the school photographer can be viewed, always on tablets, and chosen for digital copying or printing.

For communications to the students of the courses, we will provide the Sauze Project with a proprietary tool that will allow you to send service communications, via text message or email, with a click.

For the youngest (and not only), a big interactive whiteboard has been set up within the school’s premises. On its screen it is possible for three students to draw simultaneously.

Then, thanks to the integrated software, it will be possible to save and share the most popular drawings.


Learning while having fun

The presence of CWS on the snow is also evident looking at the logo on the new models of ski suits and bibs for the season: embroidered and clearly visible, it proves the commitment to collaboration with the Sauze Project.

Over the next few months, the snow near the Sauze Project will turn blue: from the big flags at the bottom of the slope, which will greet skiers from the valley, to the more practical “mattresses” that delimit the viable space, ensuring safety even for the most impetuous ones, the blue CWS will peep through the snow.

During the races, the sheets on the track will make up a themed trajectory: a signalling tool that improves performance and offers points of reference for orientation even in the most extreme weather conditions.

If you generally descend quickly from the slopes, there are places where there’s no need to rush to have fun. For this reason, we have provided a series of useful and nice accessories to Funnyland: the beginners’ area reserved for children and for those who take their first steps on the snow. Soft and modular cubes to go wild with friends, relax or mark new paths, and padded signs that rotate with every lap.


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What's under the tree?

Whether it’s the first day on the snow or the first day of the season, the CWS logo accompanies children and adults in moments of fun in company, but we will not only be on the snow.

In the backpack that will be delivered at the time of enrolment to all students, from Christmas holidays on, among the gifts there will be a Sauze Project custom sketchpad and a pack of colour markers offered by CARIOCA.

The Sauze Project will dedicate the cover of the next album 2019-2020 to the most appreciated among all the drawings.


The perfect way to relive the emotions of the skiing week is to draw it!

The backpack, which contains the album, is characterized by a graphic that CWS dedicates to all young skiers for the 2018/19 season. Hoping parents will like it too, we hope to see it in the gym or on Sunday afternoons in the city centre!

To celebrate this collaboration, we are organizing an event day in Sauze D'Oulx, where the first CWS Trophy will be presented: the ideal completion of a route born in the snow.

It is not just a friendly competition but also the symbol of a shared commitment and passion between the two companies: an opportunity to reaffirm the desire to grow and improve continuously.

The season has just begun and there are still many surprises in store.

These are just a few of the initiatives implemented by CWS for the Sauze Project: we can’t wait to introduce you to others.

To find out what's new on the track, follow the CWS blu!