20 October 2016

CWS becomes a LIFERAY partner for Italy


The agreement completes CWS’s strategy to deliver open source customized digital solutions in web environments

CWS Srl, a leading Italian systems integrator and leader in the field of multimedia installations and digital solutions  has established a partnership  with  Liferay International Limited, the leading American player in the development of software for open source portals. This agreement made our Company a member of a restricted community - there are only seven Liferay-certified partners throughout Italy - strengthening further our portfolio of technology solutions.

This accomplishment completes a  process started in 2011,  when CWS acquired its first subscription and began developing projects based on the use of open source software provided by Liferay. Over the years, our Company has become one of the reference points in the use of these applications in Italy, implementing Liferay Portals in important projects in the insurance industry.

To become a partner, companies must meet stringent criteria imposed by the American parent company, which involve ownership of complex skills in the use of software and a variety of business certifications. In addition, Liferay also requires that its partners be equipped with a commercial development plan at the national level and in which are identified specialized individuals with ad hoc certifications.

One of the requirements to be met to become partner is precisely to ensure continuous training and refreshing of some internal human resources dedicated to work on Liferay products, and who are called to attend courses and obtain individual certifications deemed essential to learn and leverage the software.

CWS has chosen to travel this path in the digital environment within a broader strategic vision and long-term growth to become a competence center able to offer customized and scaled digital solutions to both large- and medium-sized companies.

 Luca Passini, CWS CEO stated that:

The definition of our partnership with Liferay is an important milestone for us, as well as a prestigious recognition of the work we began several years ago and that made of CWS one of the main system integrators in Italy. It is not enough to make a request or sign a mere agreement to become a Liferay partner; it is necessary to meet the requirements of the brand and demonstrate advanced mastery of the open source. Though it is called “free software”, it takes, nevertheless, complex skills to be able to use such software in structured projects, just like we, in recent years, demonstrated the ability to do.

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