01 July 2016

Race against time

A race against time, an ambitious project and four large European cities: there are the ingredients of the “mission impossible” with which one of our customers entrusted us.

We found ourselves before a serious challenge: to install and configure some monitors in the shop windows of a luxury chain in the cities of Milan, London, Paris and Madrid, in just under three days.

The mission was managed and tested by a highly qualified team. In the night between Sunday and Monday of March 6, we simultaneously installed monitors in Milan and Madrid and the following days in Paris and London; we worked at night and with the remote assistance of other two colleagues to complete the installations, while also allowing the opening of the retail outlets during regular business hours.

In addition to the professionalism and flexibility of colleagues, CWS was able to leverage a new product resulting from the evolution of Player AuthorCube - the museum player we successfully installed for other projects - by adding software and hardware that turn the Player not only into a video playing system, but also into a device control, such as, for instance, the Samsung monitors. Next to AuthorCube, we also developed an ad hoc application to configure parameters such as color, brightness and contrast of each monitor and oversee their operation. Once all equipment was installed, monitors could be controlled by a single click from store associates or managers, who, based upon marketing inputs, could then determine whether to use single or multiple views.

In addition to these features, the AuthorCube Player also allows collecting data on monitor operation and send it directly to a web control platform that created by CWS. If the project takes off after its running-in phase and if our customer decides to extend it to other stores, it could potentially become a global data collection center.

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