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Robotic Process Automation


Welcome to the era of automation

The processes that can be automated are repetitive, “time consuming”, and imply access to different applications that are not integrated with each other.

Robotic Process Automation tools allow you to instruct a software agent to perform the operations carried out manually with the same efficiency by using multiple applications at the same time.

The advantages of this approach are obvious: cost and error reduction, increased productivity and speed of procedures, standardization of processes and results, and no impact on existing systems.

Why CWS Robotic Process Automation

Process Discovery makes it possible to identify which are the elements that insist on a process obtaining a representation of the real flows of information and dependencies among resources.

Once the real processes have been identified, it is easy to understand which of them can be automated and, above all, which are the best tools to obtain satisfactory levels of efficiency.


The pervasiveness of technology produces enormous information silos that are often not integrated with each other. The information must be understood (Machine Learning), synthesized (Artificial Intelligence) and integrated (Robotic Process Automation) transforming old processes into corporate assets that can be enriched, streamlined and controlled properly.

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