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IoT & Mobile


A digital identity for spaces and objects

The Internet of Things allows devices and physical places to communicate, exponentially increasing the availability of data and information.

What we can do:

  • We collect and process data from IoT devices making it easier to use.
  • We manage the information-gathering devices to ensure reliable monitoring of the equipment, providing a system of customized alerts.
  • Our IoT Hub enables the retrieval and storage of significant data flows and their processing and use through FaaS (Function as a Service).
  • We provide mobile services and apps capable of querying and displaying content and detecting proximity, with the related possibilities of AR/VR interactions.

Why CWS IoT&Mobile

We collect data from sensors, aggregate it and make it analysable. The centralized monitoring of the sensors ensures that response times are reduced.

We develop mobile applications with immersive virtual reality content and with the ability to interact with multimedia devices.


The evolutions of IoT technologies are related to complex organizational areas and are inseparable from the synergy with cloud, digitization, big data, AI and with the development of increasingly advanced sensors.

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems will allow intelligent objects to interact in a more advanced and collaborative way with users and the environment.

Case Study, News and Events in the field of the IoT & Mobility

Discover our expertise related to the world of the internet of things, wearables and mobile apps 


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