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"We are the media Èlite"
(The Newsroom)

An appropriate and effective communication is one of the tools needed to increase the scale of any digital transformation process.

A strategic communication plan prepares all the elements of the project life cycle, starting from the business objectives to their diffusion on different distribution channels and to the evolution of the message through a constant monitoring of behaviours and KPIs.

The added value of creativity allows us to provide the most suitable proposal for the involvement of the target audience by creating original formats and giving customers unforgettable experiences.

Why CWS Digital Communications

We transform our customers’ messages into experiences to live, personalize and share.

We elevate the art of storytelling to turn it into storyliving, stories to be lived.


The care for the design, the knowledge and the adaptation to the new marketing environment are the challenges that we are preparing to face starting from today. This is possible by guiding the algorithm and the content planning towards new channels of interaction.

The interaction with other Competence Centers proves to be strategic for competitive projects that can offer engaging and immersive experiences from an increasingly “Phygital” point of view.

Case Study, News and Events in the field of Digital Communications

Discover our expertise related to the world of strategic communication.


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