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The evolution of Enterprise Content Management

The term Content Service Platform (CSP) refers to an integrated set of technologies for the development of enterprise platforms dedicated to content management.

Unlike the more traditional Enterprise Content Management, CSP architectures are flexible and allow for greater customization of the customer experience by incorporating external business applications and API-based development approaches.

Why CWS Content Services Platform

In addition to providing and implementing the technology platform, we support our customers in identifying the most suitable solution to meet the document management needs and follow them in defining a content and data management strategy. 

We implement unified digital platforms, often using different languages that ensure flexible workflows, modular business services, responsive layouts and scalability.


In 2017 Gartner introduced the concept of Content Service Platform (CSP) to highlight an evolution from Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

First, from proprietary systems dedicated to document management, we moved to an open model characterized by sharing APIs and by integrated suites of products and microservices that allow the management of different types of data.

Moreover, the new platforms are not only dedicated to the archiving of company content but allow interaction also with work groups outside the company, guaranteeing the same level of security.

There are many technologies adjacent to the CSP world, including Content Management System (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Digital Experience Platform (DXP). In 2019 Gartner recognized Liferay as a leader in DXP and this is why CWS has chosen it as a partner.

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