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The Data Capture technology allows you to identify and recognize, in an automated way, the information present in the digitized paper documents for the automatic compilation of predefined formats.

Once digitized, the documents are stored on a platform that makes possible the analysis of names and metadata. Digital content can also be found, viewed, edited and shared. The creation of approval workflows makes you save a lot of time.

Some documents contain information to be published. It is convenient to rely on a digital experience portlet platform that provides flexible workflows, modular business services, responsive layouts and scalability.

Why CWS Content Service Platform

Integrated solutions enable the automatic management of complex workflows and guarantee the automatic and fast creation of a scalable and self-consistent system.

Document management and dematerialization speeds up and improves collaboration and work through process automation, enabling a quick, easy and accurate data retrieval.


Thanks to Content Service Platform it will be possible to make companies paperless, guaranteeing the originality of documents and a quicker and easier data retrieval integrated with Business Intelligence.

The power of Digital Transformation enables to streamline processes and access data in an immediate way, guaranteeing their truthfulness and correctness.

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