26 July 2016

Let’s get certified by Liferay

In our Group, training and acquisition of new skills are key points and core values ​​to provide answers to customers and products that keep up with the times and are technologically advanced.

That is how our latest training opportunity must be understood. It involved two colleagues in the introductory course to obtain Liferay certification, the open source software for web development and programming that we have already used in several projects.

Promoted by Liferay, these courses are divided into two levels reserved for developers; our colleagues attended the first level, which is required to obtain certification for version 6.2.

Classes, which were delivered over three days, with a full immersion from 9 am to 6 pm, offered an interesting overview of the software and its capabilities. At this point, we just have to get ready and wait for the exam which, once passed, will ensure the individual certification allowing the Company to implement certification already in its possession.

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