11 April 2017


The smart wine cellar serves your wine at the right temperature, monitors constantly the storage conditions of your most precious bottles, sets up warnings for possible malfunction, remembers your purchase history and can provide information on the optimal consumption date of each wine. It is the first “smart wine cellar”, the result of a partnership between the Austrian company Datron GmbH, leader in the production of wine cellars for professional storage, and the Italian CWS Digital Solutions, specialized in systems integration and digital innovation, which developed this project by leveraging the potential of IoT (Internet of Things) technology to improve wine storage standards.

The first Datron intelligent wine cellar is, in reality, an elegant cellar fridge of the Classic Line for 40 Champagne bottles produced by the Austrian company; it is suitable for both recessed or free-standing installation, connects to the home Wi-Fi network and is enhanced by invisible sensors that can monitor internal and external temperature and moisture, and can check air quality.

The sensors record climatic conditions at regular intervals and, through the Livion IoT controlled developed by CWS, send data to a server that the user can monitor through a web application, which is available directly on Smartphones. The system is thus able to proactively report to owners any errors and changes in temperature with regard to the default values by sending email or SMS alerts, and also provides valuable support to enjoy the finest bottles without any mishap. Indeed, the wine cellar can generate the history of each purchase and offer advice about how to safeguard and when to consume wines. And, if dinner is scheduled for that same evening, the “smart” cellar can be programmed remotely to reach the correct serving temperature gradually, depending upon the selected wines, so that wine can be served even if the hosts come home at the last minute.

The Datron Intelligent Wine Cellar is currently produced in a limited edition and sold exclusively by reservation. The first prototype was presented by Datron and CWS at Vinitaly (Verona, 9 - 12 April) in the Wine2Digital area. At a later time, the cellar can be reserved on

“The IoT technology has already been successfully tested by many wine producers because it allows monitoring the correct aging of wines in barrels without the need to sample”, explains Luca Passini, CEO of CWS Digital Solutions, “with intelligent cellars, we can bring the benefits of the digital revolution in every home equipped with Wi-Fi to improve the conservation of the finest wines”.

“The intelligent wine cellar” - continue Luca Amerio, Production Manager, and Andrea Romanello, Development Lead of CWS Digital Solutions - “is one of the best representative of the values and modus operandi of our Company; it is the result of our partnership with a market leader such Datron, it is an expression of the ability to integrate seemingly disparate objects through “tailored” and “100% Italian” software developments, as well as the passion for excellence, including wine!”

“Our company is one of the leaders in the market of professional wine cellars for wine lover, and offers a range of over 50 models” - adds Sergio Rasi, CEO of Datron Handelsges MBH - “for now, the “smart” wine cellar stands as the premium evolution of one of our leading products, and the fruit of highly innovative technology owned by Datron/CWS that will pique the curiosity of the most detail-oriented wine lovers, whom we hope to attract in the future with a whole line of smart products that can be controlled directly by Smartphones”.

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