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Campo Basket

A scoreboard for sports arenas

Technology at the service of sports arenas

Our company, thanks to the experience gained as a sponsor of a basketball team, has thought of a new solution that could revolutionize the scoreboards in each sports arena. The solution comes from the evolution of the Livion platform, tailored by CWS, created for basketball but applicable to all sports.

The advantages of Livion are linked to the possibility of a remote distribution of upgrades that update the regulatory changes introduced by the Federations and to the addition of useful functionalities both during the course of a match and during the breaks.

The referees, for example, will be able to do the synchronization test between game time and action time at the touch of a button and not manually, as is the case today on all fields, even at the international level. The audience will be able to participate in different attractive contents transmitted by monitors coordinated by a single platform, namely Livion.

In its version 4.0, the application will also enable to insert gaming activities for spectators – an example may be the kiss cam in use in the United States – or to convey information, statistics about teams or individual players, results on other fields and the ranking.

The solution has received approval from the Italian Basketball Federation and has been tested by referees who have appreciated its functions.