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Smart City

The social Smart City is ready

The city of the future has come

The first Social Smart City in the world comes from the synergy between CWS and Planet: a new IT infrastructure specifically designed for the city of the future.

Our company collaborates with Planet to provide integrated services in a single digital system. An infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure (Microsoft’s public cloud platform, of which we are partners) is created using the IoT Hub, applications, NoSQL databases, clustering systems, PHP applications and streaming services.

This complex system makes it possible to manage and store the huge amount of data that comes from IoT devices capable of monitoring the Smart City with the related utilities of light, gas and water. The collected data flows into the IoT Hub and is processed through Faas (Function As A Service), making the information of use cases with added value usable for citizens.

Planet App includes the possibility of launching an SOS to five pre-set recipients; the alarm is also received by a surveillance booth that can send help in real time.

The other functions of the app include streaming, to assist in the progress of the construction site, the possibility to consult useful news about it, to rent and book common areas such as rooms for events and places to organize parties or training courses at the premises of the Smart City. Thanks to this monitoring, new use cases will be created, such as the weekly programming to activate and deactivate the heating system depending on times and presence of people.